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Dendrobium kingianum

Dendrobium kingianum Bidwill ex Lindley 1844

This is a small to large sized, cool to warm growing lithophytic orchid from Queensland and New South Wales Australia at elevations of 50 to 1200 meters where it is found both on the coast and in the mountains growing lithophytically on rocks and cliff faces forming dense mats, with swollen basally and then fusiform, sulcate, dark colored stems carrying 2 to 7 , near the apex, ovate, thin textured leaves and blooms in the late winter and early spring on an axillary, erect to arcuate, medium length to 16" [to 40 cm], few to 20 flowered, fragrant raceme that arises from the leaf axils at the apex of the canes both new and old. Water should be greatly reduced and fertilizer eliminated from mid fall until new growth appears in the spring.

The flowers of the species are quite color variable and have a full range of colors between red, purple, white striped and purplish blue.

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